Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting for communication without borders.

Together with Translation, Interpreting is part of Cultural Mediation and consists in facilitating the communication between two (or more) interlocutors who don’t share the same language.

The interpreter works in real time, conveying the message from one language into another one while being in close contact with the recipient of communication.


This kind of interpretation take place in real time. The interpreter works in a booth. This form of interpretation is particularly suitable for conferences, congresses, round tables and longer meetings.


This form of interpretation is ideal when simultaneous interpretation is not possible due to the lack of the equipment. The interpreter therefore takes notes. Suitable for business lunches, smaller meetings, visits or presentations on the go.


This form of interpreting consists in memorising short passages and then translating them into the target language. This technique is particularly indicated for commercial negotiations, small meetings and all situations requiring a flexible service.

RUN TRANSLATIONS by Daniela Nisi can offer all these interpreting services. The accuracy and specificity of the service offered will contribute to the success of your negotiation with foreign clients or of a conference.

Interpreters and translators are increasingly in demand. In order to work well, they need to be experienced and prepared. This is exactly what you’ll find in the services offered by Daniela Nisi and her team.